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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Challenge to all Catholics: Why are you Catholic?

This is the first in a series of challenges to all Catholics. It's meant to stir up some rationale for Faith, at the very least in myself. I notice that I tend to take my Faith for granted at times, and my spiritual life goes down the tubes. Anyone who is non-Catholic but wishes to read along, you are certainly welcome to do so. I should warn you, however: I am not cutting corners, nor sparing feelings. I am not politically correct. I would be thrown out of modern day debate because I don't follow the rules. However, when one is in search of the Truth, as we all should be, the boundaries set up by man to limit discussions only form barriers to this discovery. I am in pursuit of the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. As such, I hope that no one reading will be offended, but I make no promises. If you are offended, all I ask is that you ask yourself why you are offended, and then tell me why. If my presentation sounds like an ad hominem attack, I will apologize for it, as none of it is meant to be so. If necessary, I will also reword my thoughts. But I will not retract what I say. If, on the other hand, you're offended by the Truth, I hope you will tell me why it is that you think I am wrong -- if I am wrong, then I will retract what I say, but if I'm right, then you should honestly reconsider your position.

I will also say that this is also an exercise for me. Apologetics has been one of my weakest points, so I will definitely try to keep this interesting, as well as thorough and to-the-point.

Without further ado, I begin the challenges.

+ + +

Anyone who is Catholic and reading my blog, raise your hand.

OK, put them down now.

Why did you raise your hand? Because you're Catholic. Why are you Catholic?

There are lots of reasons: "My parents are Catholic." "I was born into the Faith." "My spouse is Catholic." "I converted when I was a child." "I couldn't stand the Protestant/Muslim/Mormon/whatever ceremonies any more." "Most of my friends are Catholic."

Would you like to know the best reason?

The reason is this: "I love God and want to do His Will. God commands me to be Catholic. I want to be Catholic because God commands me to be Catholic. Therefore, I am Catholic."

When did God command me to the Catholic? I don't recall the verse in the Bible where God says, "Be Catholic."

When God established the Jewish religion, that was the religion of the time. All men who were saved were saved because of their following the laws of the Jewish religion. Jesus Christ, who is God, established the Catholic Church as the completion of the Jewish religion. Since this is the religion of God, that is how the command was given to us.

That's all for now. Think about that. I'll reply to comments as I get them. Look for a new post soon.

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