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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama on ND Campus

I don't really get tired of seeing this video.

Mankind's default position

It seems like all of humanity, by nature, looks around and sees the world, and from that point on, decides that he wants to dominate it. Somehow or another, a person always struggles for primacy. If he were unique in the food chain, he would fight to be the master of the animals and the world. Since he is not unique, he instead competes with the rest of his race (and the rest of creation, for that matter) for dominance. I don't really have much other thought on this. I was just noticing it the other day while I was sitting at the stoplight after I left my house. It occurred to me that I was sitting there, wondering if I was a better driver than everyone else. This train of thought followed me to the next intersection where I looked straight ahead and saw the gym. Immediately, thoughts of "Wouldn't it be neat if I were able to lift more than every other person in there?" came coursing through my head, but they were quickly dismissed as I turned left and then right, establishing my presence in every lane as I entered I-66. At no point in time did I ever really yield to traffic: all traffic yielded to me. It felt natural -- it felt like traffic flowed.

Before I wax too philosophical or poetic, I'm going to go to sleep. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow and get to the gym.